The start of a new Journey.

Hello there!

I’m not great at introductions so let’s just skip to the good bit.
As you may have already guessed my name is Katie and I have recently finished studying for my degree in Advertising at Southampton Solent University.
After looking through some of my first year promises that I had made to myself, which proved a great idea at the time, I have realised that apart from gaining a few extra letters after my name, quite a bit of student debt and a little bit of unwanted weight around my middle that I haven’t accomplished my #1 task which was to write a blog! So here we are, three years later, better late than never! 

So this is the start of my new journey, all aboard! I hope that you will follow me through this blog and my adventures, photographs, products and opinions over this next stage
of my ever so wonderful life. (sarcasm alert.) I’d love for you to comment and share your ideas on how I can also improve my blogging skills, since I have not got a scooby what to do!

Until next time!



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